San Diego Cracks Down on Human Trafficking

San Diego, 1 of the FBI’s 13 highest child sex trafficking areas in the nation [1], is focusing their attention and energy on cracking down on human trafficking.

San Diego officials gathered Thursday to announce Senate Bill 1193, a new statewide law that will come into effect starting April 1st. The law would require certain businesses such as massage parlors, bars, truck stops, and bus stations to “post a notice that includes telephone numbers for reporting human trafficking” [2], following the model Texas implemented in 2007 [3]. By targeting businesses that victims of trafficking are likely to pass through and appear at, the new law hopes to help stop human trafficking by getting everyday citizens to report suspicious cases to the authorities. In San Diego, approximately 700 businesses will be required to post these informative signs and 400 businesses already received posters mailed to them. Failure to post the signs will result in a $500 fine [4] for the first offense and $1,000 for every offense after that [5].

Autumn Burris, a survivor of human trafficking who helped launch the San Diego campaign, said of the new law, “This poster will give them, and give the community, a place to call to get that help so they can begin to survive.”


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