Annual Chocolate Fondue Night!

Today LA Stop the Traffik held its second meeting of the quarter! Tonight’s topic was fair-trade products. Chocolate is a product that many people consume regularly in many forms. It’s accessible, affordable, and delicious. However, a lot of companies get their chocolate through unfair practices, such as child labor. For tonight’s event, we purchased fair-trade chocolate from Trader Joe’s and had a fondue night!


As a compliment to our fondue treat, we screened part of a documentary by BBC called “Chocolate The Bitter Truth.” This investigative piece took place in Burkina Faso, one of the Western African countries that contribute to more than 70% of cocoa. The documentary showed how children were the source of the labor and what danger they were exposed to as they were exploited for profit.


After the documentary was over, the members were surprised to learn about where chocolate came from and who was harvesting the cocoa. This shows that a lot of the products we purchase and consume daily may come from the labor of exploited children and adults and with some research, we can be more aware.


A link to the documentary can be found here.

Food Empowerment Project.



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