Winter Quarter 2019:

This quarter we will be learning more about the fashion industry. We plan on watching relevant videos and hope to become more involved in supporting existing efforts. Subscribe for updates!

Fall Quarter 2018:

During Spring of 2018, LAST brought awareness of the many ills of the chocolate and tea industry to both our local communities and friends back at home. We started the quarter by watching Miki Mistrati and Robin Romano’s The Dark Side of Chocolate. Next, we partnered with Equal Exchange, an organization promoting fair trade goods, which enabled us to raise funds for our fall and winter projects. Finally, before the holidays, we helped to provide holiday gifts to victims of sex trafficking at Treasures. Thank you to everyone that helped us this quarter!

Spring Quarter 2018:

During Spring of 2018, LAST had three main focuses: 1. spreading awareness of sex and labor trafficking through having members speak on a panel put on by UCLA’s Cultural Affairs Commission; 2. watching Cyntoia Brown’s documentary, learning about her moving story and current U.S. laws concerning human trafficking, and writing letters supporting Cyntoia and inquiring what we can to do help; 2. collaborating with the UC Catholic Center to donate over 60 pounds of clothing to a local center that helps victims of human trafficking!

We look forward to getting more involved in the LA community in Fall 2018, and are so excited to have new members who want to make a difference! We hope to see many new faces at our first Fall meeting on Tues. October 9, 2018 in Haines A6 from 6-7PM 🙂